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Peel & Reveal

Our large assembly of printing and collating machines, allow us to produce Peel&Reveal cards in high quantities within short time frames.

Our custom printed Peel&Reveal cards can be printed in any size and can include:

Strzałka  Personalisation (600 DPI)

We offer 1 sided and 2 sided personalization at 600 DPI quality.

Strzałka  UV Varnish and embossing

This solution can be used to enhance the attractiveness of our scratch-off card or to increase the security of the promotion.

Strzałka  Termochromic print

This innovative solution allows customers to reveal certain messages using heat (rubbing a surface). Click here to see an example of how thermochromic print was used.

Strzałka  Special inks: metallic inks, fluorescent inks, UV-light reactive inks.

Strzałka  Die-cutting of window in any shape or size

We don’t want to limit the ideas and visions of our clients. This means that we can die-cut any size or shape our client wants.

Strzałka  Paper stock ranging from 60gsm up to 250gsm

Our printing machines allow us to use various paper stocks such as uncoated, coated: gloss, matt etc.

Strzałka  Up to 10 colours including special inks such as pantone or metallic

Thanks to our printing technology, we can print up to 10 colours in 1 run.

Strzałka  Delivered as a single card or attached with perforation (continuous tape)

Some of our clients prefer single cards that can be handed out, while others prefer the cards to be on tape for easier distribution. Both solutions are possible with Emerson.

Custom Peel&Reveal cards can be used in all promotions such as: loyalty programs, in-store promotions, sporting events, trade shows, direct mailings and fundraising.


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